news inaugurazione kirchner

On Saturday 15 July the exhibition Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Davos was opened in the presence of the curators, Annick Haldemann and Thorsten Sadowsky, Registrar and Director of the Kirchner Museum Davos, which lent most of the works on show.

The opening was also attended by Wolfgang Henze and Ingeborg Henze-Ketterer, from the Archive of E. L. Kirchner’s entire oeuvre, Wichracht/Bern, who administer the estate of the artist: «We are glad that Italy is hosting a new solo exhibition of Kirchner, after a long time», they said. «It was not conceivable, here, to stage an exhibition summarizing the entire production of this great artist, but this selection does convey the essence of Kirchner’s artistic development in the last twenty years of his life spent in Davos».

On show are oil paintings, etchings, water colours, and photographs by the artist, who was born in Aschaffenburg (Germany) in 1880 and took his own life in Davos in 1938. The focus of the exhibition is Kirchner’s years in Davos – where he had retired to regain his physical and mental health – and which are analysed through the motifs that he cherished most: landscapes, portraits, nudes, sports and rural life scenes.

The exhibition will be open until 15 October. Opening hours: from 6 to 11 pm until 10 September, and from 4 to 8 pm for the remaining period.