A time for balance

Sunday 18 February marked the end of the exhibition Pop-ups. The Magic of Books, which was inaugurated on 8 December 2017. The outcome was very positive indeed: about 11,500 admissions recorded in just over two months, and almost 30 guided tours organized for groups and schoolchildren. The exhibition involved visitors of all ages: from nursery school kids to hundred-year-old guests of retirement homes, the charm of the three-dimensional books from the Missiroli collection has left its mark. “The enthusiasm shown by visitors really impressed us”, said Giulia Santi, curator of the exhibition. “These little paper masterpieces have been able to amaze the children, entertain the adults, bring the elderly back to childhood memories. In their seeming simplicity, they indeed sum up the technique of mechanisms, the art of illustration, the potential of literature”.

The exhibition

The exhibition retraced the history of the pop-up book backwards, from contemporary paper-engineering works that are still on the market to early volumes with relief illustrations dating back to the end of the 19th century. The exhibition staging was also very much appreciated. The forest of flying books, the scenographic wall inspired by the paper dioramas of paper engineer Dario Cestaro, the illuminated rotating carousels, the video stations: all the elements in the setting contributed to filling the public with wonder, the same wonder that you experience when opening the pages of a pop-up book.

And now?

The Geiger Foundation continues to programme cultural events and will shortly launch its next spring exhibition with a display of quite unusual artworks...
Pop-up fans will be glad to hear that a different selection of books chosen from Massimo Missiroli’s collection will fly to the Arab Emirates to be shown at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival from 18 to 28 April.