More than 13,000 people attended Sailing Ships. Great Stories of the Sea: a record number of visitors that places the event among the most viewed exhibitions of the Hermann Geiger Cultural Foundation since it was established in 2009. The curator Federico Gavazzi says he is «satisfied with the result and glad that the exhibition has awakened interest in this theme. We reproposed classic stories of the sea, which had been popular among the public until about thirty years ago, and although today we tend to talk less about these topics, we managed to involve a wide, receptive audience made up of people of all ages, including children».

Velieri Geiger


The exhibition

The exhibition was open for about 70 days during which lovers of modelling, history, sea, and adventure crowded the exhibition halls of the Hermann Geiger Cultural Foundation with an average of almost 200 people daily, who were impressed by the choice of models and the beautiful setting. Words of praise to the initiative have come from many visitors, and also from the lenders whose detailed reconstructions have been the highly appreciated protagonists of the event.
The exhibition Sailing Ships. Great Stories of the Sea, which was open from 7 July to 16 September 2018, gathered the stories and adventures experienced during the golden age of sailing by twenty-six famous ships reproduced to scale by the skilled hands of many craftsmen from all over Italy: the model makers of the Associazione Modellismo e Storia DLF of Pontassieve (Florence), Nello Camerini from Casale Marittimo (Pisa), Carlo Galanti Occulti from Savona, Daniele Gavazzi from Rosignano (Livorno), Luciano Giro from Musile di Piave (Venezia), Carlo Icarelli from San Pietro di Lavagno (Verona) and Dr Mario Signorini from Cecina (Livorno). The sailing vessels were on show along with description cards narrating their extraordinary journeys and objects related to the naval world, such as the original figurehead from the Mario Maresca Naval Museum in Meta (Naples) and scientific instruments for the calculation of routes such as those provided by Il Corsaro Arredamenti e Antichità in La Spezia. Finally, a reconstructed combat station with a gun, and a sensory installation for smelling the goods and spices traded by sailing ships completed the exhibition path.